Thursday, September 03, 2009

We Don't Even Live In Florida

Yesterday, Peanut and The Champ had a friend from across the street over for dinner. Seeing we had company, I made my best dish.

We dined on grilled cheeses and french fries.

The three had finished eating and were playing hide-and-go-seek inside the house. Which was good because it allowed me some time to myself before baths, lunches for the next day, storytime and bed.

I sat at the dining room table enjoying a Smithwick's, watching the kids as the girl from next door began to count with speed only an auctioneer should have. The Champ shot upstairs and Peanut stepped behind the Playskool easel that is in the dining room. She must have second guessed her decision because as the girl from next door finished counting, Peanut stepped out from her hiding spot and declared,


It seems she did not like her hiding spot and wanted to find a better one.

Who does she think she is, Al Gore?