Friday, January 02, 2009

A New Year, New Challenges

Thank God that year is finally over.

Not that a change in the calendar makes a difference but at least it is a start.

Christmas was good. My sister and I cooked for some family on Christmas Eve. Peanut & The Champ were with me for the dinner while Mrs. Joe took them for Christmas Day. It is a small blessing that they are young and don't seem too affected by the separation.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.

For highlights on the presents, Peanut got a bunch of Littlest Pet Shop pets, some Polly Pockets dolls and a Chutes and Ladders board game.

I believe I have played (and lost) Chutes and Ladders 20 times already.

The Champ got a Lego toy, a few Spider-Man comic books and 4 Bakugan marbles.

It seems the Bakugan toys were the big gift for The Champ. Cautiously, I looked into them before giving Santa the okay to leave some under the tree. The cartoon isn't that bad and the game you play with the marbles uses a lot of math. But like everything 7 year old boys want, trying to figure out what to do with them is difficult.

I hope your Christmas celebrations were special. Let me know what Santa left for your little ones.

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Blogger Kandee said...

This post of January 2nd is much different than your post of January 2, 2008.
I'm sure it was probably the longest year of your life.
I wonder what your post will be January 2, 2010?

Sat Jan 03, 01:09:00 AM 2009  
Anonymous TwoBusy said...

I'm pretty sure you're due for a better year.

Sat Jan 03, 09:23:00 AM 2009  
Blogger Mike said...

I think you titled your post very well. Your going to start this year with some new challenges and I hope you keep us abreast on how your fairing with those challenges...

Happy New Year.

Sat Jan 03, 10:58:00 PM 2009  
Blogger Woman in a Window said...

Mostly the Bakugans here are just carried around in sweaty fingers and plunked defiantly down to amaze, over and over and over again. It's not so easy to feign surprise after two months of plunking but I try.


Happy New Year!

Sun Jan 04, 09:28:00 PM 2009  
Blogger Charlotta-love said...

I don't have little ones but Santa still comes. He got me another setting of china. I'm up to 5 people now. :o)

Mon Jan 05, 09:28:00 AM 2009  
Anonymous movin' down the road said...

Happy New Year! I have officially returned to somewhat normalcy after a horrendously stressful and annoying holiday season. Having kids in separated homes makes it slightly more so for some reason, eh?

Mine got polly pockets too and Little Pet Shop (one already broke). We got the princess and the pea board game, try that one!!!

They were most excited about Blendypens and the original Pippi Longstocking movies on dvd.

Tue Jan 06, 08:49:00 PM 2009  

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