Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun Without Frostbite

I went to the Patriots-Bills game yesterday. I’ve mentioned my buddy Big D has season tickets and I get to go to a game or two each year. One or two is plenty seeing the tickets are $117 a piece this year along with $40 to park.

We headed out at 9:00 am, knowing the beautiful weather would bring out more tailgaters than average for a game in November.

We parked and set up about 2 hours before the game. If you remember, I went to last year’s championship game and froze my ass off so it was a welcome change to sit and enjoy the pre-game party without the need for a Duraflame log and a disposable aluminum baking pan to keep somewhat warm.

Here is Big D’s tailgate setup.

A 15 year season ticket holder knows how to do it right.

We drank some beer and played some cribbage. While we waited for the BBQ chicken to finish on the grill we had little slices of salami rolled into cones with sour cream inside. As you can see, Big D takes care of all the food and drink. In return, I pay for parking. Thank God.

Here is the view from our seats.

Yes, I paid $117 to sit here.

After the game, we pulled out the grill and had a couple bratwurst with peppers and onions along with a beer or two. While we waited for the traffic, we watched the first half of the Raiders-Panthers game.

We packed up and headed for home around 6pm. I got back to my house around 8:30. It makes for a long day but well worth it.

I figure it is possible that the Brady-less Patriots could surprise us all and go deep into the playoffs. If we are still playing in January and I'm lucky enough to be asked to go to the game, I better be ready to pick up a firelog and aluminum pan just in case.



Anonymous TwoBusy said...

Possible? I guess. Anything is possible. But without Brady... and Harrison... and Maroney... and Adelius Thomas... and maybe Sammy Morris...


It's a little depressing.

Tue Nov 11, 06:10:00 AM 2008  
Blogger womaninawindow said...

$117? Really? Crickeys! But the whole sour cream in the meat thing, worth it, right?

Tue Nov 11, 02:22:00 PM 2008  

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