Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Right On! Target

With it being almost winter here in New England, the nights are getting a tad on the cold side. That and the fact that I don’t have any warm body to cozy up against means it is time to pull out the flannel sheets.

I went into the basement and opened the tote with all the flannel sheets and grabbed a set for me and a set for The Champ. I then realized I didn’t have a set for Peanut.

With her still in a crib until this past spring, it never occurred to me that I would need a set for her. The Champ has a full size bed whereas Peanut only has a twin so I couldn’t even put a set of his on her bed for the time being.

No big deal. I’ll just run to the store and buy a set. For me, shopping for things like bed sheets, it’s not as much about patterns, colors or how many threads per inch. It is strictly based on the ability to get into the store, find the right product, pay a reasonable price and get out.

So the three of us took a drive to K-Mart. I chose K-Mart primarily because it is the closest department store. That solved rule number 1.

Unfortunately, K-Mart failed the remaining requirements.

Upon entering, I was reminded how difficult it is to get around the store. There is no obvious main isle as you walk in so we ended up walking through the women’s underwear department to get to the bedding.

Thanks K-Mart. Make me walk my 7-year-old son through the women’s bras section while some old lady is buying her last Maidenform.

We survived the trip down mammary lane and got to the bedding area. We found the isles a mess and nothing in its place. After a quick scan I realized something odd.

K-Mart didn’t have any flannel sheets.

What department store located in New England doesn’t have flannel sheets in the middle of November?

I took a more thorough scan before I attempted to ask for help. I say I attempted because once I did start to look for some help there was no salesclerk to be found.

So after a few minutes of looking for sheets and salesclerks we gave up, walked back through the bras and left the store.

I wanted these sheets now. You know the whole hunter/gatherer thing. I figured we would try one more store. I drove to Target, which is not much farther away. I should’ve gone to Target first but this store is located in a mall and even I know finding a mall parking spot on a Sunday afternoon is insane.

So we got to the mall and luckily found a parking spot reasonably quick. My apologies to the lady I cut off. We walked in, easily spotted the sign telling us where to go and headed towards the bedding. I immediately spotted a salesclerk.

Yes, I walked straight to the salesclerk for help without even looking first.

She was more than helpful, telling me that the next two isles had flannel sheets on the end caps. Sure enough, there they were. I had multiple patterns of every size and different colors to choose from. Peanut picked a red checkered pattern. I found a twin set for $20, grabbed it and headed for the checkout line.

We had been in the mall for less than 15 minutes and were already headed back to the car with the sheets.

Martha Stewart would have loved my prudent shopping ability…

well, maybe if it was in her store.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Chapter

There was enough drama it would have made Stanley Kubrick proud.

It was 2pm on Monday. I took the day off from work to finish repainting my bedroom from over the weekend.

I’ll save that update for another post.

GBD was over. She knew I had the day off and came by to see the room. We were upstairs. There was a rather hard knock at the door.

You know where this is going.

I went to the door and there was Mrs. Joe. I could tell she knew. She came in saying she needed something from the attic and went upstairs. I followed her, hoping there would be no scene. She ignored GBD and went into the attic, retrieved what she wanted and came back down stairs. She had a few choice words for me and left.

To my surprise, she came back about ten minutes later. I let her in. She went back upstairs and not-so-politely asked GBD to leave and that she needed to talk to her husband. GBD complied.

I won’t go into the conversation too much other than to say Mrs. Joe had officially hit rock-bottom emotionally. I understand how she could be upset for GBD being there but to make such a big scene? I tried to explain that I was getting on with my life and she could not control who I had in the house that she moved out of.

As the conversation went on, I started to realize that this was probably it, the last hurrah. The last chance at I don’t know what.

So I revealed all my secrets.

I stood there and told her I knew his name, his position and the store he works at. I told her how I knew and when.

She was speechless.

I told her about the time I sat on the porch of her apartment, knowing he was inside and how I did not act the way she just did.

She did not say a word.

I told her about the time I went to where he works and walked around until I found his picture on the wall, allowing me to put a face to a name.

Still nothing.

I then compared my reactions to hers. How I didn’t do anything while she made a big scene.

She settled down a bit. I don’t remember where the conversation went after that. She left, still rather angry but I think she began to realize her actions.

Since then she has apologized. I think she has begun to understand what she has done to me, herself and our family. I have not taken any action regarding us over the last few months. I now feel we are so far apart there can’t be reconciliation but I just can’t seem to close the book on her.

Some call it stupidity. At times I agree. But then I remember us before all of this and wonder if we can somehow go back there.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pillow Talk

Last month, I wrote about my bedroom walls being pink and how I wanted to repaint it, change the bedspread and make the room a little more masculine. I figured I should find something to focus on and go from there. Well, I found my focus.

In the spirit of foreplay, here is a picture.

I found the comforter in the attic. All I had to do was have it cleaned. From the Sunday paper, I picked up an advertisement from Raymour & Flanigan and there it was, sitting at the end of a couch. I went to the store later in the day to buy it. As you can imagine with the current economy, furniture sales aren’t too brisk so the salespeople aren’t too busy. With the ad in hand, I walked in. I was immediately approached by an attractive saleswoman who gave me her attention as if I was George Clooney.

“Hello sir, can I help you with something today?”

I lied and told her my wife sent me there for nothing but a single pillow.

You could see our supposed connection drain from her eyes. I immediately went from George Clooney to George Costanza.

Halfheartedly, the saleswoman showed me the pillow on display. I thought it looked even better than the picture in the ad. She then told me she would have to order it and it would take a week or two to arrive. No big deal, I thought. I wasn’t ready to paint yet, anyway.

I was then told how much it was.


I told her I only wanted one pillow not two. She said that was the price for one. I decided that was what I wanted, $58 bucks or not, and told her okay. Without another word, never mind eye contact, she typed up the order, printed out the bill of sale and told me to take it over to the customer service area.

With her end complete, she thanked me for my purchase and walked away to find another customer.

I went to the customer service area, paid for the pillow and walked out of the store feeling a little cheated.

I mean, the least she could have done was take me over to the bedroom sets and ask me if I wanted to cuddle.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun Without Frostbite

I went to the Patriots-Bills game yesterday. I’ve mentioned my buddy Big D has season tickets and I get to go to a game or two each year. One or two is plenty seeing the tickets are $117 a piece this year along with $40 to park.

We headed out at 9:00 am, knowing the beautiful weather would bring out more tailgaters than average for a game in November.

We parked and set up about 2 hours before the game. If you remember, I went to last year’s championship game and froze my ass off so it was a welcome change to sit and enjoy the pre-game party without the need for a Duraflame log and a disposable aluminum baking pan to keep somewhat warm.

Here is Big D’s tailgate setup.

A 15 year season ticket holder knows how to do it right.

We drank some beer and played some cribbage. While we waited for the BBQ chicken to finish on the grill we had little slices of salami rolled into cones with sour cream inside. As you can see, Big D takes care of all the food and drink. In return, I pay for parking. Thank God.

Here is the view from our seats.

Yes, I paid $117 to sit here.

After the game, we pulled out the grill and had a couple bratwurst with peppers and onions along with a beer or two. While we waited for the traffic, we watched the first half of the Raiders-Panthers game.

We packed up and headed for home around 6pm. I got back to my house around 8:30. It makes for a long day but well worth it.

I figure it is possible that the Brady-less Patriots could surprise us all and go deep into the playoffs. If we are still playing in January and I'm lucky enough to be asked to go to the game, I better be ready to pick up a firelog and aluminum pan just in case.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Shameless Plugs Without Any Compensation

Ever since Mrs. Joe left, I have learned a lot of things about myself. One is that I have learned that my friends are more important to me than I ever thought. I learned that my friends are willing to stand by me no matter what but they aren't afraid to tell me I am wrong either.

Also, I have spent more time with them. I used to see them once a week or so but now when Mrs. Joe has the kids I am able to enjoy their company more often.

They have also turned me onto some music that I wouldn't necessarily listen to. I would usually listen to hard rock, Puddle Of Mudd, Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Staind, etc.

Yeah, some would say my taste in music needs to grow up.

Because of that, one friend turned me on to Pandora Radio. It is an online radio station that programs itself based on what you like and dislike. And you can create multiple stations base on certain styles.

Since I have found this, I have found a whole new world of music out there. And I have found one genre specifically that I can't get enough of right now.


You heard me.

I love it.

I listen to it at work and have learned to appreciate it. More specifically, I can't get enough of the newer folk artists out there. Martin Sexton, KT Tunstall, Ben Harper & Ray LaMontagne, etc. Pandora calls it Contemporary Folk.

I call it good.

One singer has stood out above them all. GBD clued me in to him and I loved the music from the start. Amos Lee is from Philadelphia. He opened up for Norah Jones on her last tour.

Then I found out something even better.

He is currently on tour and was booked to play right up the road from me last week.

GBD & I went and I have to say it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Mind you the last concert I had been to was Sevendust about nine years ago but this was so good.

I will not say I am done with my hard rocking ways. I bought tickets to see Staind and Seether outside Boston in two weeks, I just have broadened my tastes.

Now if I could just get Amos Lee & Staind to do a show together I could save over $30 bucks and only have to buy a ticket for one show.