Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Three Squares And A Cot...Not

I want to share with you some of what I ate this past Sunday.

My breakfast included cold, syrup soaked pancakes along with some backwashed orange juice.

My lunch included left over wheat bread crust with the slight taste of peanut butter & fluff, half eaten green pepper slices along with watered-down cranberry juice.

My dinner included wheat bread crust with only slightly melted cheese along with half a bite of a cold hot dog left inside the ketchup soaked remains of a bun. I did leave the burnt, peeled off pieces of hot dog casing behind.

For dessert, I enjoyed broken Oreo cookie pieces left on the table. I washed it all down with the grey colored, lukewarm milk used by the kids to dunk the cookies in.

Oh, and I woke up yesterday morning with The Champ overtaking better than half of my bed as well as my pillow.

When did I become the family dog?

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thinking Pink

It seems everywhere I look this month, I see the color pink. In most part, this is due to it being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

On a local level, there is a lot of publicity for a huge awareness walk sponsored by a nearby hospital. Kudos goes out to all who will be participating. There are a few I know personally who will be walking.

This has made me more conscious of something else pink, although no where near as important.

Right after we bought our house, Mrs. Joe and I repainted all the rooms. We had some art with us from the apartment we were in and used one piece per room for a focus. Below is a picture of the master bedroom with the piece we used to focus the room around.

The art is East Bay street in Charleston, SC. Often called Rainbow Row. We spent some of our honeymoon in Charleston. We loved the colors of the houses and found the print in a gallery while we were there.

If you focused your attention to the wall, you would have noticed my dilemma.

Yes, the bedroom walls are pink…

…which was fine while Mrs. Joe was still living here. The room wasn’t meant to be masculine in any way. As you see by the frilly, country style, quilt on the bed with matching pillows.

Mrs. Joe asked if I minded such a feminine bedroom. I didn’t. The way I looked at it was if I got laid on a regular basis in it, I didn’t care what color the room was.

But now with Mrs. Joe gone things are different. Obviously, I need to make the room a little more masculine.

I do not want to spend too much money so I have decided to leave the curtains. I will paint the walls but keep the trim color the same. The quilt is already gone. The comforter I have replaced it with will stay. I will look for a new bedside lamp as well.

So what I need to do is find a new focus point to bring it all together, something to base the new colors around. I’ll look for a different print for the wall or maybe a pillow with a pattern.

Or maybe I’ll hang a deer head, cover the bed with some plaid pattern and throw down a bearskin rug. Give it a cabin feel.

The chicks dig that, right?

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Friday, October 17, 2008

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

If I go to bed one more time with the Red Sox losing a must win playoff game and the miraculously pull it out, I'm going to shoot myself.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

No, All The Leaves Are Not Brown

I love Autumn in New England. The turning of the leaves make it the most beautiful time of the year.

Last year, Mrs. Joe bought The Champ the book "Why Do Leaves Change Color?". It explains what happens and why and has a bunch of artwork of leaves. Last year he wasn't too interested in it but this year his little mind was very curious.

We read the book last night and The Champ asked a bunch of questions. So this morning the three of us went on a little nature walk. We live within walking distance to a small private college so I figured most of the trees noted in the book could be found there. We also found a few along the nearby streets.

I was reminded how difficult it is to contain the enthusiasm of a 7 year old.

We walked around the college looking at the trees. I drive by this college every day but until you are standing there, with your attention focused on them, not on the everyday bullshit that life keeps you chained to, you realize how beautiful they can be this time of year.

The Champ made a list of the leaves we were looking for and we collected some samples. We also took some pictures to share with all of you.

Red Maple

Sugar Maple

White Birch

Silver Maple



White Oak


All this within walking distance. Maybe we will try our luck again and go on another walk in a different location and see what beauty we can discover this time of year.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

It Was Eleven Years Ago Today

Let me ask you this.

What is an appropriate anniversary gift for your wife after she's spent the last nine months with another man?

Just curious.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Blood Red Delicious

It is apple picking time here in New England. Is there any better way to spend an afternoon than walking around a hillside orchard with your 2 beautiful children soaking up the Autumn sun?

How about your estranged wife accompanying you.

Yes, Mrs. Joe invited me to join her along with Peanut & The Champ as they were going to a local farm to pick some apples this past weekend.

We have gone to the same orchard to pick apples for the last couple of years. I had planned on taking the kids this coming weekend. I would be lying if I said I had planned on inviting Mrs. Joe.

She told me the kids asked if I was coming so she decided to call me. Even though I know I was asked to come for the kids, I felt she enjoyed having me there as well. It was nice to spend time together as a family again.

The afternoon went great. The kids had a good time. Mrs. Joe and I got along very well under the circumstances. We picked more apples than we will ever care to eat.

As we were in the orchard, The Champ, placing an apple into the bag, turned to us and asked,

"Are these vampire apples?"

"Vampire apples? What are vampire apples?" I questioned.

"I heard mommy asking if this place had vampire apples."

With a chuckle, Mrs Joe replied, "Empire apples, Champ, Empire."

the apples of my eye

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Anybody Got An Extra Tea Bag?

Like you, I like coffee.

Good strong Starbucks type coffee. Black. No sugar. Well, maybe not like all of you.

During the week, I do not feel like spending $3 for one at Starbucks so in the morning I always take a coffee from home in one of those stainless steel travel mugs.

As a gift, I received a coffee maker that looks like this recently. It brews the coffee and puts it right into a travel mug.

So I will add the water and the coffee the night before and in the morning I turn it on as I get in the shower. After my shower, I have a hot cup-o-joe waiting for me.

Unfortunately, some mornings the coffee will wait longer than others. At times, Peanut or The Champ can be a little uncooperative and I have to focus a little harder on getting them fed, dressed and out the door. If they combine forces and make it a morning from hell, I will just grab the mug, without being able to enjoy a single sip, and off to work I go.

There in lies the problem.

If the planets align one more time and I forget to add coffee to the coffee maker the night before, leading to nothing but hot water being made and my little hellions force me to forgo my first sip until I get to work, I am going to be pissed.