Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brick By Brick

Saturday, Peanut, The Champ & I took off early in the morning. I planned on taking them to a large park nearby so they could ride their bikes around.

The Champ learned how to ride this Spring and Peanut has moved up from a tricycle to a bicycle with training wheels.

With how slow Peanut is, I just walked along side of her, pushing her up the few hills and hanging on when we went down.

As I left my street, I drove past a yard sale and this caught my eye.

I immediately pulled over.

As a kid, I built with Lego blocks like every one else. But my next door neighbor had every one. All the city buildings, the train, even some from the space collection. His father set up a few folding tables in his basement for us. We played for days without coming up, creating and recreating city layouts.

So when I seen this I thought of The Champ and how much fun we would have putting it together. He has a few smaller sets but nothing from the Technic collection. They are really for older kids but I know he will be able to do it.

The box was a little beat up but it was taped shut. Everyone knows one missing piece and the whole thing might not go together. I asked the lady somewhat sarcastically what the chances were that all the pieces were still there.

"Oh yes, they're all there," she replied.

She added, "You know that set is over a hundred dollars".

"Lady, it ain't worth shit to me if some pieces are missing," I thought to myself.

"How much?" I asked.

"$20 bucks, " she replied.

So I took a chance and gave her a twenty. The worst thing that could happen would be a bunch of pieces were missing and he wouldn't be able to build the tow truck. But honestly, $20 bucks for all those pieces is still worth it. We could build other stuff. I took the box, put it in the trunk and went to the park.

We got home later and I was curious as to how much this thing actually cost new. She was a little off.

But the best part was when we opened the box later in the day. Safe to say all the pieces are there seeing they haven't been taken out of the original plastic bags yet.

So unless an entire bag of blocks is missing I scored a major yard sale find. although I am definitely a novice when it comes to yard sales...

...I didn't even try to haggle her on the price.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is SO cool!

(*i bought an almost complete set of mikasa wine glasses when i was single for $1. the ones i got retailed for like $100 for the set and it was only missing one glass.) it feels good, huh? now you know why/how some people get addicted to garage-sale-ing. =P have fun with the champ putting that together.

Thu Aug 21, 11:35:00 PM 2008  
Anonymous Dan said...

Blimey, what a bargain!

Fri Aug 22, 05:42:00 AM 2008  
Blogger womaninawindow said...

Ha, that's the first thing that came to mind. "Oh, ya, we've already got a bunch and I don't really need this one. Would you take ten?" Man, she was aiming too high, but she got what she wanted. Come to think of it, so did you. So what am I bitching about?

Fri Aug 22, 07:04:00 AM 2008  
Anonymous TwoBusy said...

Sounds like you went for a field goal and ended up with a touchdown. Not bad.

Fri Aug 22, 09:17:00 AM 2008  
Anonymous Mike said...

I love garage sales. Someones trash is someone elses treasures. I used to go a find old golf clubs for cheap. Clean them up and trade them in at the local golf shop for credit.

Fri Aug 22, 11:48:00 AM 2008  
Blogger Bennie said...

Yeah, I'd say she was a little off. What a great find! Good karma.

Sun Aug 24, 09:49:00 AM 2008  
Blogger Dad Stuff said...

You got a deal. I have never found anything worth anything at a garage sale.

Sun Aug 24, 11:31:00 AM 2008  
Blogger HW said...

Well, I first thought $20 was high for a garage sale item but after seeing what they sell for I realize you got a great deal. Good job!
We have a ton of legos but none of the big sets like that. Our lego shelf is still set up in our basement; it keeps my nephew entertained for days when they visit. You can't go wrong with legos.

Sun Aug 24, 11:36:00 PM 2008  
Anonymous phenom said...

Man, that's awesome. I've got a couple of those Technic sets. You have to post a picture of the finished product.

Mon Aug 25, 11:21:00 AM 2008  
Blogger Darren said...

I couldn't believe how wicked expensive Legos were when we were looking at them this summer. Good catch.

Tue Aug 26, 11:25:00 PM 2008  
Anonymous stepping over the junk said...


Wed Aug 27, 08:40:00 AM 2008  
Blogger Wicked Step Mom said...

That is going to be so awesome! I miss my lego's. The girls won't play legos with me.. :(

Great find!

Thu Aug 28, 01:55:00 PM 2008  

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