Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tooth Fairy Fiasco

The Champ came home from school Monday with another loose tooth. He had been poking at all day with no luck.

“Don’t worry, it will come out when it is ready”, I told him.

During dinner he was still playing with it. “If you want, I’ll pull it out for you. Just one big yank and it’ll be all over,” I said to him. That didn’t go over too well. Mrs. Joe had to reassure him I wouldn’t do it and that I was only kidding. I wasn’t but it settled him down.

After dinner, he took a shower and we got ready for bed with the tooth still hanging on. He became worried about falling asleep with the tooth still attached.

I jokingly told him, “Don’t worry, it will be there in the morning.”

Why is it that the simplest statements can come back to bite you square in the ass?

I awoke Tuesday morning to The Champ’s voice. “Dad, my tooth is gone and I can’t find it.”

So to his room we went to find the tooth. We looked in between the sheets, on the floor and on the blanket, with no luck. I checked under the bed and still no tooth.

Then the thought occurred, did he swallow it? That is possible, right? Probably not, but then where was it?

He then asked, “Is the Tooth Fairy going to come if I don’t have the tooth to put under my pillow?”

It was way too early in the morning to be asking me these tough questions. I mean I handled the Santa and no chimney thing but c’mon, give me a break.

Then it came to me. “Champ, the Tooth Fairy must have came last night and pulled it out for you. Sometimes the Tooth Fairy helps out if the tooth doesn’t want to come out.”

Hah! Even at 6am I can handle these challenges.

“Did you feel her pull it out?” I asked.


“See, that’s how good she is.”

“But dad, she didn’t leave me any money?”

WTF. Can’t a guy catch a break around here?

“That’s because you didn’t leave your little Tooth Fairy pillow out last night. She didn’t know where to put the money. We will leave out the pillow tonight and she will come back. O.k.?”


So Tuesday night we started getting ready for bed. The Champ finished brushing his teeth and went into his bedroom.

“Dad, I found my tooth,” he yells.

“Really, where was it?”

“Right on my blanket.”

How in the world did he find it? Mrs. Joe and I both searched that room for the tooth with no luck.

“Didn’t you look on your blanket for it this morning?” I asked.

The Champ replied “Yes, but maybe the Tooth Fairy dropped it after pulling it out.”

“Could be.”

So after reading a few bedtime stories, we tucked him in, put out his little Tooth Fairy pillow with the tooth included, and he went to sleep.

Finally the Tooth Fairy arrived shortly thereafter, collecting the tooth and leaving him some money.

I just hope the Easter Bunny isn’t as difficult.



Blogger Jan said...

Great story with a good outcome. Yes, parents always have to think fast, very fast.

Thu Jan 31, 12:14:00 PM 2008  
Blogger Darren said...

I guess it's the week for missing teeth. I'm having trouble keeping up with the tooth fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny stories too. I was actually just going to do a post about some questions Clare asked.

Thu Jan 31, 03:53:00 PM 2008  
Anonymous Redneck Mommy said...

You did better than son DID swallow a tooth that came out while he slept. He was so upset and asking so many questions I buckled under the pressure and told him I was the tooth fairy.

Add it to the list of sins I've committed and one of the many things he'll seek therapy for when he's older...

Thu Jan 31, 08:22:00 PM 2008  
Anonymous uumomma said...

the tooth fairy has forgotten to come TWICE...
the tooth faries email might be down works...
but prolly not three times

Thu Jan 31, 09:51:00 PM 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So just what is the going rate for a fallen tooth these days? I likely need to start saving up ...

Great save, by the way!

Fri Feb 01, 01:22:00 PM 2008  
Blogger charlotta-love said...

Ah the tooth fairy. I remember the TF forgot for about TWO weeks when I was young. Finally there was a note that said "I knew you lost a tooth and I'm sorry I didn't get to you right away. This month has been a popular to lose teeth and I've been all over the united states." The note included a state by state log.

The tooth fairy really should outsouce.

Fri Feb 01, 02:23:00 PM 2008  
Blogger Whit said...

Quick thinking!

Sat Feb 02, 12:17:00 AM 2008  
Blogger Dad Stuff said...

Sometimes the Tooth Fairy has off nights too.

Sat Feb 02, 01:24:00 AM 2008  
Blogger Ben & Bennie said...

My daughter learned the truth about the tooth fairy when her cousin stole one of hers to collect from the tooth fairy. The "thief" learned a hard lesson when my sis-in-law dropped the news that the tooth fairy will never come to her pillow again because of her deed. Did I mention what a penny pincher my s-i-l is?

Sat Feb 02, 12:36:00 PM 2008  
Blogger Jocelyn said...

I've just discovered your blog Joe, via Redneck Mommy, and this story of the Tooth Fairy has brought back some memories. My daughter was determined to actually 'see' the TF in action, so she tied one end of a piece of string around her tooth before putting it under her pillow and tied the other end around her finger, so when my husband, er-the tooth fairy gently tried to ease the tooth out from under her pillow...yup, you hafta think fast when you have kids.

Thu Feb 21, 12:40:00 AM 2008  

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