Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Weekend Getaway To Newport

I thought I would give a little review of our trip to Newport, RI last weekend. We had a great time with only a few problems.

We got into Newport Friday before lunch, stopped at the visitor center and bought tickets to see the mansions. We started with the granddaddy of them all, The Breakers. It's one thing to see these "summer cottages" on t.v., but you have to see them in person to get a true feeling of how big they really are.

After the tour, we had lunch at the Brick Alley Pub where I enjoyed a Newport Storm Octoberfest. We then went to check in to the place we were staying.

We stayed at The Pearls of Newport. Mrs. Joe & I like to stay at small Bed & Breakfast type places. The room was nice, a little small, but if you don’t plan on spending much time in it, it’s not a big deal. The breakfasts were great though, poached eggs and Canadian bacon on Friday, coconut and chocolate chip pancakes on Saturday. MMMMM!

After we checked in, we toured The Marble House and Rosecliff.

Friday night we had dinner and one too many pints of Belhaven stout at Buskers. Talk about a great Irish pub. All I can say is thank God I was walking.

It rained overnight and Saturday morning was cloudy and damp but no rain. We walked along Thames Street with all its shops and stopped for lunch at The Red Parrot. We then walked up to Bellevue Ave to tour The Elms and check out the shops at the Tennis Hall of Fame.

Here is a picture of what a lot of the streets and houses look like downtown. A far cry from the mansions up on Bellevue Ave.

I had made dinner reservations for Saturday night at Tucker’s Bistro. The dinner was nice, Mrs. Joe had duck while I had a NY sirloin. Not surprisingly, they did not have any TV’s so I assumed I would miss the Red Sox game. Focus on the Mrs., I was telling myself. But as we headed back after dinner, Mrs. Joe noticed Yesterday’s so we stopped for a drink. Lucky for me, they had the game on. Although I have to admit, I looked at the T.V. only twice. First time: 0-0. Second time: 6-0. I figured they had the game won so I didn’t look again. Still focusing on the Mrs., I didnt even get to see Dice-K's single.

Sunday morning was crisp and clear. We walked down Bowen’s Wharf and got this great picture of the harbor.

After, we drove out to Ocean Drive and took these.

We then drove up to Newport Vineyards in Middletown for a tour & tasting. Afterwards, we stopped at The Coddington Brewery, where we had lunch and one of their Octoberfests before coming home.

Peanut & The Champ were good for Grammie. Some minor skirmishes but good none the less. Good thing too because this getaway was great and I'm almost ready to start planning another.



Anonymous TwoBusy said...

That sounds like a great, great weekend. Good for the both of you.

Fri Nov 02, 09:39:00 AM 2007  
Blogger Sue said...

Great pictures! I love Newport. Glad you both had a great time and you got to see part of a game.

Fri Nov 02, 04:13:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Em said...

Newport is such an awesome place and it looks like you had perfect weather!

Fri Nov 02, 07:14:00 PM 2007  
Blogger charlotta-love said...

Boy! When you go on a trip, you go on a trip! It sounds fabulous. Glad you had a great (and safe) time.

Fri Nov 02, 07:22:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Stepping Over the Junk said...

what a great getaway! I went to Newport once years ago. Did Breakers. One mansion is enough for me.

Tue Nov 06, 06:47:00 AM 2007  
Blogger Darren said...

Sounds nice. I love Newport too.

Tue Nov 06, 10:33:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Plain Jane said...

came here by way of stepping...sounds like a great weekend and what a sweet gesture for your anniversary- I LOVE Newport RI!

Fri Nov 09, 09:53:00 AM 2007  

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