Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Does La-Z-Boy Make A Folding Chair?

So I sit here this morning bleary eyed and bitter from another Red Sox loss, wondering if camping out on the couch for 4 hours at a time and staying up past most normal people’s bedtime has been worth it these last few evenings.

I have come to one easy observation, though. Watching the Sox this playoff season is not as much fun as previous years. I mean it might get better. Maybe it’s because they are not playing the Yankees. They aren’t done yet though, anything can happen. What Red Sox fan can forget 2004? Those last four games against the Yankees were the most exciting games ever and will forever be in my memory. I just can’t seem to get into it this year.

I think I’ll focus more on The Champ. He has finally started playing soccer this fall. Most kids were playing in September but the local league had some issues and his games began this weekend. I love parking my folding chair at midfield and watch the kids run around. Now that he is six, he plays on a bigger field and there are actual kids playing goalie. Before, they had to leave the net open so the kids had an easier chance to score. On Saturday, he played goalie for awhile. Watching him in goal was fun. His attention span was not that bad, he wasn’t picking his nose or anything but you could tell that he wanted some action.

Anyway, tomorrow night The Champ has another soccer game and the Red Sox face elimination.

I guess it’s pretty easy to see which game I’m looking forward to more.

I just wish I could bring the couch out to the field.

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Blogger Ben & Bennie said...

The World Series win that year didn't seem as exciting as having to win 4 straight against the team America loves to hate.

Schilling's bloody sock, Big Papi's dingers, and Johnny Damon's hair. Good stuff.

Wed Oct 17, 07:24:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Whit said...

I think they make inflatable couches. It's worth a look.

Thu Oct 18, 03:23:00 AM 2007  
Anonymous TwoBusy said...

At least you know that no matter what happens tonight, you'll be seeing another soccer game next week. As for the Sox...

(starting to feel queasy)

Thu Oct 18, 08:42:00 AM 2007  
Blogger Stepping Over the Junk said...

Ha. I just check the score in the morning on the internet.

Fri Oct 19, 02:15:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Dad Stuff said...

Wow! One more game to go.
I tried my first Octoberfest tonight. I believe I will try another.

Sun Oct 21, 01:02:00 AM 2007  

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