Saturday, August 11, 2007

How Guilt Got Together With Greed And Bent Me Over A Chair

So it has been 3 weeks since my trip with Mrs. Joe to see the Red Sox play Chicago. Since then, even my so-called Catholic guilt has taken a backseat to the guilt of not taking The Champ to a game. We did not even tell him where we went that day. When we got home from the game he started telling me about how he was watching it on TV with his uncle. “Wow, really, must have been a good game,” I told him.

“Now excuse me while I go step in front of a bus.”

Since then I had been saying to myself, “I really should try to take him to a game.” I asked around about tickets to no avail. I started checking EBay and the online scalpers agents. Yes, they all have tickets but with the markup, it would be cheaper to fly to Baltimore and watch them play the Orioles.

Let’s see, Mrs. Joe isn't sure he is old enough for a day at Fenway and I am thinking to fly him to Maryland.

So I decided that a day game at Fenway would be best. A night game would get over too late. That left only six games this season. There were fewer tickets to the weekend day games available and those that were for sale were completely outrageous so I decided on a weekday game. That left me with only two games. I decided on trying to get tickets to the game this Wednesday afternoon against Tampa Bay. Every day for the last week and a half I had been checking the online scalpers agents. They had tickets for the game but I waited patiently, hoping that a buddy would pull through.

Tuesday came and still with no help from friends, I checked the internet again. There they were, two tickets, infield grandstand, behind home plate, cheaper than similar tickets, and only one section from where I sat with Mrs. Joe last month. I say “cheaper” as they were only 3 times the face value. Seeing I had checked those sites more times than Lindsay has into rehab, the tickets had to have been listed just the day before. They were mine, I told myself. This meant I had to act quickly. Never mind I was at work at the time; I had to get those tickets. I called and verified the seats were together. I had learned some sneaky bastards sell tickets as a pair but the seats aren't side by side and these didn't specify. The scalper agent on the phone confirmed they were together so I bit the bullet.

“Just to confirm the total cost sir”, the scalper agent said to me on the phone, “That’s two tickets, infield grandstand, along with our 10% commission and FedEx overnight charge."

“Total comes to $291.95.”

I then knew what it is like to be the prison bitch with a limp.

The tickets were to arrive Thursday by 3pm. I tracked the delivery of the package online all morning, again while at work. Boy I worked hard last week, huh? I checked again around 2pm and to my horror it stated...

“Address not found.”

“Shit!”, I thought. I checked and verified my address was correct. I didn't know what to do next so I waited. I checked about a half an hour later and was relieved to see my address had been found and the package delivered. The tickets were there when I got home.

Everything now seems to be in order. Mrs. Joe and I decided that we would not tell him until Wednesday morning. I remember as a kid, one time I found out I was going to Fenway Park the night before the game. That night was the longest night of my young life. It might as well have been Christmas Eve.

So obviously I will be taking Wednesday off from work. Lucky for me, my boss is taking the whole week off so there should be no hassles there. I figure we will try to get to the park a little early and see about getting some autographs and pictures. We will probably make a sign and try to get onto TV. Hopefully, Tina Cervasio will come over and give him a big kiss. Well one of us, anyway. He has never been to Boston, so his first train ride into the city should be fun for him, too.

I’ll be sure to share the day’s events with everybody Thursday or Friday. I can’t deny that I am excited, too. As a dad, there are only a few things this high up on the memories list.

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Blogger Whit said...

We've taken our oldest, barely 4, to some games at Dodger Stadium. He had a great time and behaved, but didn't really care about the game.

I'm looking forward to that day.

Sat Aug 11, 01:40:00 PM 2007  
Blogger charlotta-love said...

Wow. You better frame that ticket stub!

Sun Aug 12, 10:15:00 PM 2007  
Anonymous TwoBusy said...

That's awesome -- what an incredible memory this will be for him. Yeah, the ticket agency markup sucks... but in the long run, that'll be the last thing you remember.

(Just pray Gagne doesn't get into the game. In fact, I'll join you in that prayer.)

Mon Aug 13, 09:40:00 AM 2007  
Blogger Stepping Over the Junk said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I will be there tonight at FENWAY PARK! (with the clam digger man!) Look for me on tv. I'm the one with the Boston Red Sox cap. Heh.

Mon Aug 13, 02:38:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Ben & Bennie said...

Will you be my daddy? I'll also join in the Gagne prayer.

Champ will have the time of his life!

Mon Aug 13, 03:15:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Darren said...

For that price I probably would have lived with the guilt. You'll have a great time though.

The only good thing about a run of bad seasons is that it's easier to get tickets. Back in the early 90s I could walk up to Yankee Stadium on game days and get seats.

Mon Aug 13, 06:21:00 PM 2007  
Anonymous Chaos Control said...

Wow ... world's greatest dad, I say!! That Champ is one lucky little fella!!!

Mon Aug 13, 07:24:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Ben & Bennie said...

I wanna full detailed post about Champ's adventure!

Thu Aug 16, 06:53:00 PM 2007  

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