Friday, February 23, 2007

On The 58th Day Of Christmas…

Every year, Mrs. Joe and a few of her friends buy Christmas presents for each of our kids to exchange. The gifts are nothing too expensive, usually a tree ornament or a small toy of some kind. And although Santa has come and gone, the tree has been thrown out and the decorations put away, I still have Christmas presents in the corner of my dining room waiting to be handed out.

I guess you could call it “The Island of Unexchanged Toys”.

It’s not like Mrs. Joe doesn't see her friends often, she went out with one friend last night. But every year there are a few gifts that hang around well into winter. Sooner or later, they will all get together and exchange the gifts. I’m sure the kids don’t mind that the presents are wrapped in paper with images of snowmen and candy canes.

I’m just hoping they never exchange anything that might have an expiration date on it.



Blogger Redneck Mommy said...

It's a woman thing, Joe.

I have two presents I'm hanging on to, gifts for a couple of kids whose mother I coffee with. While I've seen the mom, I haven't had a chance to get together with the family with my kids in tow.

As long as it gets done before next Christmas, I'm not worrying about it!

Fri Feb 23, 02:41:00 PM 2007  

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