Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Own Just Desserts

Mrs. Joe and I went out Saturday night to celebrate Valentines Day. Well, maybe not to celebrate Valentines Day as much as to celebrate my sister offering to watch Peanut & The Champ. We were both excited to finally be able to try this restaurant that we were both interested in. Knowing a night out is few and far between, we try to get to the restaurant early and have a drink at the bar before dinner and more often than not, end up at the bar for another drink after dinner. Besides, you can't get home too early, the kids may still be awake!

We ended up having a great dinner and maybe one drink too many. When we got home, we thanked my sister, said goodbye and proceeded to sneak up to our bedroom and what I sometimes call "have dessert". I usually look forward to "dessert" as much as dinner.

So yesterday, as we were lying in bed watching Rules Of Engagement (a new must-watch for any single/engaged/married guy), I mentioned how nice Saturday night was. Mrs. Joe agreed and we talked a little about the dinner. I then mentioned how earlier that night I was looking forward to "dessert" and how nice it would be to which Mrs. Joe replied:

"I was looking forward to that, too."

I believe that was the first time since we had kids that Mrs. Joe openly spoke about looking forward to sex. I mean sex with me. She’s got some thing for our dentist, but that’s for another post. I know she enjoys our time together but that was the first time she openly mentioned she was looking forward to it. Anyway, Ill have to figure out if there was anything special that may have helped set the mood.

Maybe she has a dentist appointment coming up.



Blogger Em said...

It is always nice to be the one who is looked forward to...even if she asks you to pretend to be the dentist.

Tue Feb 20, 11:10:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Redneck Mommy said...

Dude, it was the liquor.

That and visions of her dentist.

It's what keeps me going...(not her dentist, but Clive Owen. Yum.)

Boo figures as long as he's the dessert I'm enjoying, it's all good.

A win-win for everyone involved!

Wed Feb 21, 10:59:00 AM 2007  

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