Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Own War On Terror

It has been a long, hard fought battle, but I think Mrs. Joe has given up on our own little war on terror. She’s cut and run. She has conceded to the insurgents.

She has stopped trying to keep Peanut & The Champ out of our bed at night.

The Champ is 5 so I thought he would be done with this by now. I was sadly mistaken. I mean we are talking “insurgency is in its final throes” mistaken. He is stealth and now crawls into our bed without my knowledge. He also knows to attack the right flank. That would be Mrs. Joe’s side, not mine.

Peanut is 19 months and obviously still in a crib. Her own little "Gitmo". And she wakes us up with about as much delicacy as an IED. Our counter-terrorism tactics seemed to have an effect at first. We had been trying to get her back to sleep without taking her out of her crib but she has proven that you cannot negotiate with the terrorists. Now Mrs. Joe is taking her into bed with us. “Once she falls asleep, I’ll put her back in her crib.” Unfortunately, Mrs. Joe is falling asleep first and Peanut is more than happy to hunker down with us in our warm little foxhole until morning.

Hopefully, I can convince Mrs. Joe that we need to work together in a united front against this lack-of-sleeper cell.

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Blogger T. said...

Oh the painful reminders of parenting a small child....

This is why, when we built the new house, I planned the kids room as far away as possible as mine.

This way, I can't hear their war cries.

I've taken a stand against these little terrorists.

Fri Jan 19, 11:20:00 AM 2007  

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