Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Don't Cut The Cheese

It seems Peanut, our 19 month old, is becoming little miss independent these days. Although she's not talking, she's making her point clear with the finger pointing while giving you the "give me that or I'll keep you up all night" look. Tonight for dinner was no exception. After completing her pasta she made it clear she was still hungry. Mrs. Joe told me to get some sliced American cheese. I asked Peanut if she wanted some cheese and she nodded and pointed to the fridge. I got the cheese, took a slice from the wrapper, folded it in half and gave it to her. Well, those pieces hit the floor faster than you could say "How's 2:15 for your wake up call?"

Mrs. Joe, as she bent over to retrieve the pieces: "You can't fold the cheese into pieces. She wants the slice whole."

I guess I was glad the cheese was not cubed, or better yet balled. Those might still be rolling around the dining room floor. I then pulled another slice from the package and gave it to her whole. She ate the entire slice, along with two others, without incident.

Another occurrence where this Average Joe "cut the cheese" and it lead to some unhappy ladies.



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