Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A True Christmas Miracle

There are two Catholic churches in our neighborhood. We are parishioners at one and The Champ started pre-K this fall at the other. He started school at the other because our church had merged it's school with another in a different neighborhood and we wanted to keep him a closer distance to home. Anyway, the school asked if The Champ wanted to be Joseph for their Christmas Eve mass. Seeing this would mean we would have to attend mass at their church and not ours was a big decision. But his point was simple.

"I was a shepherd last year. I want to be Joseph.

Nuff said.

Well, our church has a big affair on Christmas Eve with Mary, Joseph, shepherds, wise men, angels, I think half the school gets up there. But Sunday night, my son sat in front of the altar for an entire mass with only one other girl playing Mary. In front of 300 people. And he didn't move. He was perfect. He sat up straight and was smiling, didn't yawn or pick his nose. He didn't ask to go to the bathroom or drop the kneeler to make a noise so loud that the priest stops talking. Don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about. Mrs. Joe and I were both amazed and proud. He had never sat this still, this long, during mass for us. Ever. And we bribe him.

Apparently when the spotlight is on him, he shines.



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