Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Trick To Tying Your Shoes

A few nights ago, Mrs. Joe and I took Peanut and The Champ out for dinner to Friendly's. It's your typical burger and fries place. We usually go there because it is kid friendly and not too expensive. This way I don't feel bad if Peanut throws her mac-n-cheese onto the floor or The Champ puts a french fry in his nose. You're chances of seeing worse are good. We can also bribe them with sundaes to get them to eat their meals.

So at the end of dinner, we were getting up to leave and there was a mother with her son and daughter sitting next to us. The Champ bent over to tie his shoe and the mother remarked to her son,

"See, he can tie his shoes."

With a reply from her son,

"It's too hard"

So The Champ, always one to help out, sits down on the floor in the middle of the restaurant, unties his shoe and reties his shoe explaining the process step-by-step as he goes. But the quote that stopped us all was

"The trick is to make a small loop so this end gets caught up in the knot."

Now I was the one who taught him how to tie his shoes and in doing so I never referred to any part of it as a "trick". Again, my 5 year-old knows more than he leads on to. I wonder if he knows the trick to get his sister to sleep through the night. That would be worth a few more Monster Mash sundaes. Whether he eats his dinner or not.



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