Thursday, December 14, 2006

But Does It Come In A Pill?

Mrs. Joe and I attended a Christmas party this past weekend. It was a nice night out for the two of us. Any night out with the MIL coming to our house to watch the kids is nice but this was different. This night exposed one of my wife’s aphrodisiacs.

The complement.

Not just any compliment, though. I often give her compliments without this reaction occurring. It seems that a few compliments to Mrs. Joe from people other than myself regarding her recent weight loss turns her into some kind of horny little minx. I’m pretty sure the 4-5 glasses of wine helped. Although I’ve tried that before and I didn’t get this response.

Anyway, we got home from the party and had one fine ending to a good evening. For me, those endings don’t happen as much as I would like. But who’s complaining? We’ve got another Christmas party this weekend and I am hoping the compliments fly.



Anonymous CrankMama said...

Yes. Unfortunately compliments from men other than one's husband have a particular thrill to them...

You seem to have just the right attitude about it.

Have fun this weekend.

Fri Dec 15, 12:55:00 PM 2006  

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