Sunday, December 03, 2006

Accomplishments, Above Average Joe Style

After dinner, while I was doing dishes, I asked my son to turn on the television. I was watching the Patriots win ugly over the Lions prior to dinner and I wanted to see what the Giants-Cowboys score was. The Champ, who at 5 years old has already mastered the remote to a level that makes me think he should take over programming the VCR, obliged. Today's achievement was one of delight for all dads out there. Once he turned on the t.v., I simply asked him who was playing. Now The Champ hasn't mastered reading yet, Pat & Vanna can only do so much in a half hour a day, so he improvised by recognizing the helmet logos.

"One team has a N & a Y, those are the Giants, right?"

"Yes! And the other team?"

"The other team has a star, that's the Cowboys."

"What's the Score?"


"Thank you."

A small wave of accomplishment swept over me, Above Average Joe style.



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