Thursday, November 16, 2006

Who Needs Hooked On Phonics?

One thing Mrs. Joe and I have learned about raising our kids is maintaining a daily routine. When Peanut and The Champ know what's next, cooperation is usually given. One routine practiced nightly is watching a little t.v. before bed. We found that some television, not Spongebob or any other visual cocaine like that, tends to slow them down and makes bedtime a little easier. Lately, The Champ wants to watch Wheel of Fortune. He is getting pretty interested, to the point he now can read a word or two. Granted "the" & "and" won't get him on ESPN any time soon for the Scripp's Spelling Bee, but I figure who needs Hooked On Phonics when I got Pat and Vanna helping teach my kid the difference between consonants and vowels?



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