Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Obviously, Our Gov't Didn't Ask Us To Plan Iraq

Mrs. Joe spent some time last night planning our Thanksgiving morning. See, we have been going to her father's house in New Hampshire since before The Champ was born and we have yet to get there on time. Not once, never. Knowing this, Mrs. Joe's step-mother, when asked what she would like us to bring, tells us to bring a veggie platter. Mrs. Joe thinks she requests a veggie platter on purpose, knowing it is put out early and knowing we are always late. You women sure do play mind games with one another. Anyway, we planned it out this way:

6:00am: The Peanut will wake up screaming for a bottle ending up in bed with us.

6:05:am: The Champ will wake up complaining about The Peanut ending up in bed with us.

6:15am: Mrs. Joe will kick me until I am awake and tell me it's time to get up, screaming " We WILL NOT be late again this year."

7:30am: Mrs. Joe will make breakfast. Hopefully, something the kids want to eat. If the food ends up on the floor the plan is busted.

9:00am: Mrs. Joe will shower first, then myself and if the kids are still wearing any of their breakfast, them as well.

10:00am: Entire family is to now have begun the process of getting dressed. Hopefully the "Thanksgiving Outfits" Mrs. Joe has selected are ironed. If not, plan busted.

11:00am: Departure Time. Entire family is to be loaded into car so we can be leave N.H. If the requested veggie platter is left behind on the kitchen table after Mrs. Joe told me to load it in the car, plan busted.

12:00 noon. Arrival at Father-in-Laws house. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Let's see if we can follow this schedule so my wife will not have to complain the entire ride home about not making it there in time. Wish us luck.

And to everyone, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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