Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Married Life & The Single Life

Most of my friends haven’t realized the beauty of The Married Life. Or maybe ten years ago I didn’t realize the beauty of The Single Life. Anyway, I sometimes re-live The Single Life vicariously through them. Don’t get me wrong; I do go out a few times a month, but nothing like back in the days during The Single Life.

This past Saturday was different. I stepped back into The Single Life, if only for one night. I decided to call Mark, a buddy since I can remember, and see what he had planned on doing for the night. He told me he was meeting another buddy of ours around 10:00pm at the same nightclub we all used to hang out in. That was a problem. I forgot that when you live The Single Life you don’t have to get up before 7:00am and you don't go out until 10:00pm. When you live The Married Life, at 10:00pm, you are deciding if you are going to have to tape the show you want to watch or force yourself to stay awake. So I hung around the house until then, kissing Mrs. Joe goodbye, (she lost the battle to stay awake), and out I went.

As a whole, the night was just the way it had been back in days of The Single Life. The $5 cover I paid to get in the club was the first cover I’ve paid in I don’t know how long. The girls were the same. Half drunk, half dressed, but now half my age. The band was typical, played everything from Matchbox 20 to Metallica. The rule always seemed to be to play whatever got the girls dancing and this night was no different. By the end of the night, I began to feel like someone who had been up since 6:00am, because, mind you, my evening in The Single Life began as a morning in The Married Life. So once I heard the last call for alcohol, I knew this night had come to an end. I said goodbye to my friends, who were living up to their Single Life status (trying to score with the now fully drunk girls who were half their age) and set out for home.

I got home by 2:00am, (can’t tell you the last time I could say that), ate something in an attempted prevention of a hangover (didn’t work), and went upstairs to bed. There, in bed I found my darling daughter, next to my wife, with a fever of a million degrees. So I quietly stepped out, went back downstairs and found the couch. I lay down and prayed because I knew the morning was coming and I was back in The Married Life.



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