Friday, November 24, 2006

Is My Long Term Memory In There Too?

Seeing we both had today off from work we decided to tackle some chores that you can not usually do alone. This way, one of could make sure the children were not eating any crayons or standing on the dining room table trying to turn on the ceiling fan while the other got something accomplished. Mrs. Joe decided that she would clean out our bedroom closet. Mind you, her share of the closet is 80% of the hangars and all of the floor space, so it's really hers. I just got a few pairs of pants and a few shirts for work.

As I previously I wrote about Mrs. Joes' weight loss, she's got a lot of clothes she's not going to fit in anymore so I figured she was going to be tossing a lot of clothes. Approximately one hour later, I checked on her and there are clothes scattered on our bed that I haven't seen in years. So I asked her if these were the donation pile.

"No, "I'm saving those."

"Why? You haven't worn some of this stuff in years."

"Something may come up"

"Really. How old is this stuff"

"Not too old."

Holding up a skirt that I vaguely remember, "What about this? When was the last time you wore this?"

"My girlfriend's, mothers birthday party."

"O.K." (Sorry, I don't remember which girlfriends, mothers, birthday party she mentioned, but she definitely knew.)

Holding up a pair of pants that I know I don't remember, "What about these? When was the last time you wore these?"

"You know the last time I wore those"

"Uh, no"

"Your company Christmas Party 3 years ago. You said my ass never looked better."

"I did?"

"Go back down stairs and keep an eye on the kids."



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Howdy, neighbor. (Next blog button neighbor)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fri Nov 24, 11:31:00 PM 2006  

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