Thursday, November 09, 2006

Go Play, Unless You Don't Know How

Recently, Mrs. Joe and I met with our son's teacher for a parent/teacher conference. The Champ has just started pre-K so the meeting wasn't so much hearing that he may need help in math but that he is not biting any of the other kids. His teacher said he was a good kid, polite, he gets along well with others, all that positive stuff. As she said this, a feeling of accomplishment came over me. I was thinking that all the things we have been drilling into his head were actually working.

She brought me back though with one line. "...And he knows how to play." I thought to myself "no shit, he's 5, he plays all day, that's his job." She said that more and more kids today come to her class without the ability to use their imagination to entertain themselves. She added that a big reason was too much T.V. "They don't have to work their brain when they're watching T.V. and it affects their ability to use their imagination when they are away from it" Mrs. Joe and I knew early on that our kid's television time would be limited. Having this additional information reinforces that.

So Champ, play on! I don't want you to forget how. And for us, I'm sure this feeling of accomplishment won't soon be forgotten.



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